Strategic Support Unit is an integral part of the organization. Its primary function is to support the organization by guiding and managing response to a physical, environmental and/or cultural change and the needs of SPO’s direct and indirect community partners by designing unique interventions to transform the lives of people.

The Unit designs project interventions and seamlessly hands them over to the program implementation unit with partnership being signed off. The unit helps SPO to gather, analyse and organise information for the purpose of strengthening organisation and supporting its overall growth. It ensures that SPOs Vision, Mission and its strategic organisational goals are reflected and accounted for in each of its project commitment.

The Unit encompasses key functions of:

  • Program Development: leading innovation, identifying new program/project opportunities turning into creative manifestations
  • Managing collaborations and partnerships: building and strengthening partnerships through networking and liaising with key stake holders.
  • Being on top of everything through communication and MIS: representing SPOs interests and achievements to stakeholders and updating partners through timely updates via high quality superior briefs/reports and other organisation documents and social media platforms including info graphics, presentations.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment and Learning (MEAL): maintaining a system that helps in timely alerts and data analysis that feeds in to program/project learning; encompassing SPO’s values as well as donor requirements
  • Maintaining quality assurance: Defining quality standards and measuring them against the organisational key indicators

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