Are you looking for the best tool to cut even the toughest materials without comprising on the budget? Then you need worm drive saws. Worm drive saws are powerful cutting tools with high torque and efficiency. Worm Drive saws fall into the category of circular saws because of their shape but they are somewhat different from circular saws. This powerful tool offers better cutting efficiency and torque even on the toughest materials as compared to the regular circular saws.

Here, you will find the reviews of best worm drive saws 2020 with a comprehensive buying guide. If you are confused between the selections of a perfect model according to your requirement then this guide will definitely help you in making the right choice. Look at the reviews of the top 10 best worm drive saws 2020.

List of our Best Worm Drive Saw picks:


Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

Product Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 12 inches
Part number: 5477NB
Model number: 5477NB
Power Source: Electric Powered
Weight: 1 pounds

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive

Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 7.75 x 8.75 inches
Color: Silver
Model number: 5477NB
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: 11.5 pounds


Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Saw

Product Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 12 inches
Part number: 5477NB
Model number: 5477NB
Power Source: Electric Powered
Weight: 1 pounds


DEWALT DCS577X1 Worm Drive Saw

Product Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 12 inches
Part number: 5477NB
Model number: 5477NB
Power Source: Electric Powered
Weight: 1 pounds


Hitachi C7WDM Worm Drive Saw

Product Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 12 inches
Part number: 5477NB
Model number: 5477NB
Power Source: Electric Powered
Weight: 1 pounds

Top 10 Best Band Saw Reviews 2020:

1. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

The SKILSAW SPT77WML is the lightweight worm drive saw having a weight of only 11 pounds. This machine performs exceptionally in terms of power and faster rate as compared to other models. It has double feed 15 amp powerful motor which is sturdy enough to cut the hardest lumber within a short time. It is very easy to use due to its well-built structure especially the lightweight magnesium frame.

This worm drive saw can make the best-angled cuts when beveled up to 53 degrees so you are not just limited to the 90-degree cuts. Thanks to the powerful motor because you can make in-depth cutting at a faster speed.

Overall, it is the best worm drive saw that works conveniently without making you fatigued because of its lightweight durable design. Besides its ergonomic design, its comfortable and easy to use due to the soft rubber handle that provides a good grip. The only downside of this tool is the short and inflexible cable. To sum up, it is a high quality, user friendly, and cost-effective tool.

  • It is the lightest worm drive saw due to magnesium frame
  • The double field motor prevents overheating
  • It is a user-friendly and affordable tool
  • The short cable minimizes its mobility
  • The magnesium construction makes it less durable

2. Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

Makita worm drive saw comes with special gears known as hypoid gears. These special types of gears are not only easy to maintain but come with extra benefits too. Hypoid gears not only increase the speed of blades but improve torque performance too.

This machine comes with 15 amp powerful motor which is powerful enough to make different kinds of cuts. You can make bevel cuts ranging from 0 degrees to 51 degrees. The gears are durable enough to make a variety of cut-outs. The spindle-locking system contributes to the ease of use of this machine.

The 15 amp motor, oil bathing technology, and ball bearing design make it the perfect tool with an extraordinary capacity to cut through tough boards as well. The carbide blades easily pierce through any kind of toughest material and heat vents help to dissipate the extra heat in order to improve the performance of this tool.

  • Makita hypoid saw is great for every type of woodworking application.
  • It has easy blade changes due to the convenient location of the blades.
  • It comes with special gears called hypoid gears.
  • It is a little bit heavy as compared to other saws.

3. Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

Do you want a worm drive circular saw that provides power and versatility at the same time? Then you should consider Bosch CSW41 because it is a deadly combination of power, accuracy, comfort and convenience. This worm drive circular saw by Bosch comes with a powerful motor that rotates at 5300 rotations per minute. This tool has all the desirable features a woodworker wants. It is a multi-purpose versatile tool that eliminates the need to purchase an extra wrench.
Amazing features of this machine include a soft handle, anti-snag lower guard, magnesium build body, and lightweight design. The weight of this Bosch worm drive saw is only 13.2 pounds due to the magnesium construction. This self-lubricating tool is one of the cost-effective unit by the manufacturer that provides quality and power simultaneously.
This machine offers a great advantage for the right-hand people because of its clear visibility of blades that are located towards the left side of the tool. It provides a great level of stability with five balls bearing structure. It provides a bevel cut capacity of 53 degrees and its design gives it another level of precision and correction. It is a great choice for those looking for a convenient tool at an affordable price.

  • It provides great power and torque.
  • It is a lightweight tool with an ergonomic design.
  • The powerful motor of 15 amps provides efficiency and precision simultaneously.
  • The motor is not as powerful as advertised and it gets affected by the tough projects.

4. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 15 Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw

This model of Skilsaw is larger and powerful as compared to the model mentioned above. It has got a powerful motor and with 10 1/4 inches blades that work perfectly. It is specially designed for larger tasks that require in-depth cutting. The worth noticing features of this worm drive saw include a powerful double field motor with anti-snag lower. These features make the machine operate in a smooth manner without the problem of overheating.
It has a bevel capacity of 51 degrees which is desirable by many professional workers. Its magnesium built structure makes it a lightweight tool but on the other hand less sturdy as well in case of rough usage. Overall, it is a bulky unit as compared to the Skilsaw mentioned above.

The only downside of this worm drive saw is the cost because it is a bit costly than expected. The extra power and large structure of this tool are enough to justify the cost. Overall, it is the best professional worm drive saw suitable for larger cutting capacity.

  • It provides a larger cutting capacity with a powerful motor.
  • The 15 amp double-field prevents overheating.
  • It is suitable for the toughest projects as well.
  • It is a little costly as compared to other models.

5. Hitachi C7WDM 7 1/4″ 15-Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw

Hitachi power tools are liked by thousands of users because of their durability and convenience. Hitachi C7WDM is a powerful tool that comes with a 15 amp powerful motor that generates 5000 rotations per minute for smooth working.

It has an ergonomic design and being lightweight, it is the ideal choice for professionals.
It has all the desirable features a craftsman needs but the three-position rafter hook is the practical one offering extra safety. It is a well built and durable tool that has a steel structure that makes it suitable for industrial tasks as well.

Thanks to the excellent gears of this worm drive saw which gives dramatic torque and allows easy cutting through the lumber. It produces efficient straight, angles, and bevel. It comes with a comfortable handle that provides extra grip and minimizes vibrations as well. The worth of this tool is due to the durable materials and high efficiency.

  • It is a durable and sturdy worm drive saw.
  • It is smooth and fast in its working.
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty and easy to handle.
  • It produces minimal vibrations during operation.
  • It is a little heavy because of durable materials.


The Dewalt Flexvolt max circular saw is a great tool with an innovative design and plenty of power. Thanks to the manufacturers that it has all the special features a professional worker needs for different kinds of projects. The design and cutting performance of this tool makes it an easy selection for woodworkers.
It offers high-end cutting performance and all because of a powerful brushless motor that offers smooth and accurate cuts. The guard action helps to make a wide variety of in-depth bevel cuts easily. If you are the kind of person that needs to watch the cutline then you can easily watch the line with the help of an LED light and cutline blower.

The weight of this tool is 11.5 pounds, which is not heavy at all. The additional features of this circular worm drive saw include high-grade magnesium shoe, electric brake and rafter hook. The price of this tool is affordable when we don’t want to compromise on the performance. Overall, it is a great tool that gives the top-tier cutting performance.

  • It is a powerful cordless circular saw.
  • The design of the handle is famous among professionals.
  • It has an excellent dust collection system.
  • It is a bare tool so batteries need to be purchased separately.

7. SKILSAW SPT70V-11Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Circular Saw

This Skilsaw is the bigger tool as compared to the ones listed above because it is specifically designed for the cutting of large pieces such as 4x which are not possible with any ordinary tool.
The weight of this circular worm drive saw is 16.5 pounds so it is a bit on the bulky side. It comes with a powerful motor of 15 amp which generates 4600 rotations per minute. You can make in-depth cuts with such a powerful saw. It is equally able to cut the complete range of hardwood having 4x size. The company claims to have such cuts in one pas only.

Overall, it is a great choice for woodworkers but some people say that the company uses deceptive marketing by claiming the 4x size of the wood, and in practice, it isn’t that deep in case of raw wood. One downside of this tool is the pre-installed blades that are of cheap quality so you need to replace them with the new ones. Overall, it is a durable and powerful tool for bigger jobs.

  • It is a lightweight tool as compared to the power it generates.
  • It has a powerful double field motor of 15 amp for cutting large pieces of wood.
  • It is a suitable choice for bigger jobs.
  • The pre-installed blades are not of high quality.

8. Metabo HPT Circular Saw, 7-1/4″, Worm Drive Saw

If you want a corded worm drive saw with power and longevity then you must choose Metabo because it is a highly convenient tool for woodworkers who want all the necessary features in one tool.

This saw comes with a powerful motor of 15 amp which is powerful enough for every kind of cutting job. Another lucrative feature of this worm drive saw is the soft grip handle which not only reduces vibration but also provides comfort to the user. Now you can do any kind of cutting work for long hours without getting fatigued.

The weight of this tool is 19.8 pounds so it can be considered as a bulky tool. It is a long-lasting product from Metabo which comes with high-quality blades for precise cutting. Overall, it is a great combination of power, precision, and cutting capacity.

  • It comes with a powerful motor of 15 amp.
  • It is durable enough to do the toughest jobs.
  • The blade’s quality is excellent and gives precise cuts.
  • It is a cost effective choice for everyone.
  • Till now it has no unsatisfied user.

9. Big Foot Tools BF-UG 10-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

As the name indicates that it is a big saw with lots of power and features a worm drive beam. It is a powerful saw which can easily cut 4x materials in one go. You can use this tool in heavy-duty works and it will never disappoint you. It is made up of sturdy and reliable materials such as steel, aluminum, and magnesium. It is a corded tool that comes with a one year warranty.

The weight of this worm drive circular saw is only 16 pounds so it is lightweight as compared to the other tools. You can easily make all the straight, angled, and in-depth cuts in a neat and clean way. It includes all the basic features including the safety features as well.

Overall, it is a convenient choice at such a price in which you are getting incredible power and efficiency at the same time. Overall, it is a handy and versatile tool that can be used for extended periods. The US manufacturing company wins the trust of users to a great extent.

  • It is made up of sturdy and reliable materials.
  • This worm drive saw is manufactured in the United States.
  • It is very light and cuts a variety of materials.
  • It doesn’t include accessories.

10. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp, Worm Drive Saw

Dewalt is one of the reputable brands when it comes to circular saws. You can blindly trust this tool without thinking for a minute. This worm drive saw from Dewalt is a powerful tool which is designed for extreme accuracy. It has an ideal handle for maximum grip and muscle comfort.

Dewalt is a company which keeps in mind the requirements of their users and they also provide high-quality toolboxes for perfect storage. This worm drive saw comes with a powerful motor for in-depth cutting at a fast pace.

Looking at the features of DeWalt DWS535B we can consider it a contractor-grade worm saw because it is a heavy-duty tool with all the necessary features a woodworker demands. Amazing features of this tool include a durable magnesium floor plate with electric brake to stop the machine in case the trigger is released so it is counted as the safety feature. Overall, Dewalt DWS535B is a great choice for contractors.

  • It comes with a powerful motor for heavy-duty work.
  • It is smooth and quiet during the operation.
  • It is well-balanced and durable enough to cut a variety of materials.
  • No wrench holder on the saw increases the effort.

Buying Guide to Purchase the Best Worm Drive Saw

Purchasing the best quality worm drive saw is very important because you want the right tool according to your requirements. If you are puzzled to make a choice about the top worm drive saw then we are here to help you out in making the best decision for you.

The Usage and Your Projects:

It is very important to know the exact purpose before purchasing any kind of power tool. For example, you want to do a little repairing work in your house or you need a tool for the small remodeling business then you can go for DEWALT worm drive saw. However, in case of a serious professional job you may look for a better option such as Makita hypoid saw which looks more practical.

The Motor Capacity:

Motor capacity is another considerable factor when purchasing a tool. Most of the worm drive saws listed above come with a powerful motor of 15 amp and generating a minimum of 4000 rotations per minute. The power and RPM is a factor that needs to be considered in case you are purchasing the tool for professional-oriented tasks.

Ergonomic Design:

The design of the tool is an important factor especially when you want to use it for the long term. Your tool must have an ergonomic design so that you can use it with safety. Both ergonomic design and power are necessary for the complete ease of use.

Corded VS Cordless Worm Drive Saws 

If you want to work in a remote area and need flexibility in your location then you can go for the portable cordless worm drive saws. However, cordless saws won’t come with as much power as the corded ones. If you compromise on the power then you can enjoy the freedom to work in any location you want.

In the case of corded worm drive saws, you won’t miss the extra power. If you are looking for the best worm drive saw for professional kind of tasks then the best choice would be the corded worm drive saws. For example, cutting large blocks of wood or lumber you need the power of corded saw which offers more power and torque as compared to the cordless tools.

The blades quality and Number of teeth:

One important worth considering factor is the quality of blades. If you want to do long term cutting then you must consider high-quality steel blades for accurate cuts because they last longer as compared to the cheaply made blades. Cheap blades become dull and rough with the passage of time and they are short-lived as well.

If you want precise cuts then you should consider the blades having greater number of teeth and usually, these types of blades are more costly as compared to the blades having fewer teeth.

The Blade Shield:

If you want to work with blades for a longer duration of time then you must consider the blades that come with some kind of coating or shield because this coating inhibit the collection of gum which causes rust or wear out of the tool. Although, the blades with shield sell at a high price you must invest when you want to use them for a longer period of time.


Every person knows the kind of tool he needs for the kind of work. If you want a worm drive saw for professional projects then it should be a one-time investment in any heavy-duty saw. Those who are at the beginning of their career or want some light tool for household jobs can consider any low price tool.


After viewing the complete buying guide and above mentioned listed product, you must have made up your mind to purchase the right wom drive saw for you. However, to make your job easy we would recommend you go for Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw or SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw. These tools come from reputable companies and available in a good price range as well. Good Luck and Happy Shopping 🙂



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