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Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) is one of the leading Pakistani rights-based Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in terms of country-wide presence and outreach. We at SPO believe in rejoicing in progress and celebrating commitment. Our work with communities across the country validates the belief that destinies change when people themselves make decisions governing their lives. We define Pakistan by its beautiful landscapes, mighty rivers, rolling green fields , fulsome orchards , sandy beaches and breath-taking mountains ; by its civilizational heritage which commenced over 8000 years ago with Mehergarh and 5000 years ago with Moenjodaro and the other historical eras that came thereafter . Equally, if not more so, we define Pakistan through its 220 million women, men and children . They are imbued with remarkable strengths and potential . Tens of millions bravely toil every day to secure livelihoods , to gain access to basic social services . The people aspire for the fulfilment of their economic, social , cultural, civil and political rights through peaceful , democratic processes. At SPO we also strive to inculcate among all citizens their own responsibilities and obligations as good citizens — to enable collective , productive endeavour.


SPO ensures that the voices of the citizens are included in key decision-making mechanisms and public policies. Our rights based approach is embedded in the design, implementation and execution of our soft and hard core service delivery initiatives and entails that: every citizen is aware of his/her fundamental rights and can engage in fulfilling their civic responsibilities, have access to basic rights which include but are not limited to Education; Healthcare; Sustainable Livelihood; Clean Drinking Water and Preparedness for Adaptation to Disaster Response.

We believe in the continuity of efforts that guarantee participation, innovation and ownership of the local communities, through facilitating the process to build consensus in identification and prioritization of underlying issues and find sustainable solutions and its execution at all levels.

Our key strategy to address any issue is based on a participatory process that aims to:

  • Organize and mobilize communities and relevant stakeholders
  • Inculcate sensitivity and raise awareness amongst communities and relevant stakeholders to initiate discussions and find sustainable solutions
  • Enhance capacities of communities & stakeholders that equip them with in-depth knowledge
  • Liaison and network with legislators, government departments and decision makers from local to national level to advocate for the attainment of basic fundamental rights
  • Promote civic responsibilities in rural and urban communities


Thank you for visiting the SPO website. Your time is precious and your attention is highly valued.

The disadvantaged women, children and men we work with across our beautiful, diverse country possess enormous potential. They deserve respectful partnership and support to overcome barriers and achieve productive security and dignity.

By putting people first for over 26 years since 1994, SPO strives to empower the marginalized so as to help build an equitable Pakistan, and a better world.

Your interest and contribution can make a vital difference.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Senator (r) Javed Jabbar




It is both overwhelming and exhilarating to humbly take my position as the Chief Executive of SPO at a profound milestone completion of a quarter of a century. I sincerely thank our Chairperson Mr. Javed Jabbar and the Board Members for their faith in me.

Our journey started in 1994 and here we are at 2020, an era that started from a challenging phase of global pandemic! This calls for new resolutions and new beginnings, the near future of SPO and how we position and prepare for the next 25 years and beyond, the last 25 years have been exemplary, strengthening us to a sound footing for the way forward.

First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every member of the SPO family – our donors, volunteers, supporters, and employees whose contribution and passion has evolved this organization into its present position.

SPO is committed to building a caring and respectful work culture for all — a culture that sets the bar high, as high as our mission to serve and support the citizens of our country. Nothing less than that is acceptable. To carry out this important work, we all need and deserve a healthy workplace that is caring and progressive, one driven by integrity, trust and accountability. These are the core values that we must all embody so we can continue to perform our work with commitment and dedication, every day. Our human resource is our strength, united we stand to serve the less fortunate and deserving, fulfilling each of our causes to our best ability, be it Social and Economic Development, Climate Change and Adaptation, Cultural heritage conservation and Tourism Promotion with the cross cutting themes of Human and gender and Digital Knowledge Transformation . Each of our causes make up an intricate tapestry of challenges, choices and opportunities that people encounter in their everyday lives.

SPO’s growth is tied directly to our principle of continuous improvement, we have embedded this culture into the very fabric of our organization which enables us to progress radically. We are advancing our mission to implement our programmes at a much faster pace.

I strongly believe in the importance of the empowerment of the citizens of Pakistan specially the youth and marginalized groups of our society. Our agenda aims to leave no one behind, which means we must reach those who are rarely seen or heard, who have no voice or group to speak on their behalf.  The implementation of our goals must be underpinned by a strong and active civil society that includes the weak and the marginalized.

On a closing note, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and look forward to your support, with this zeal we move forward at SPO to our journey beyond.

With best wishes,

Arifa Mazhar
Chief Executive