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Every Child Deserves A Healthy Lunch

Children in Pakistan face the school day on an empty stomach because there isn’t enough food at home. But, as parents and teachers know, hungry kids can’t learn.

So what do we do?

It’s simple – we make lunch part of the regular day.

Our flagship program ‘Feed to Educate’in Tharpakar works with a network of strong community leaders who encourage parents to send children to schools where they are served hot, nutritious, protein-based meals from Charity Right kitchens, A total of 1700 students are served daily in 14 government schools. Additionally, children are served packaged milk and dates at recess. At the start of the project in January 2017, only 250 students were regular attendees and now, attendance is 1700 students out of a total of 1900 enrolled

These students who have started attending school in a drought-hit area were previously working odd-jobs to earn for their food, some used to graze sheep, some were working as garbage collectors, and others were doing odd jobs so that they are less of a burden on their family.

Within Karachi, we have kitchens in two schools in partnership with Al-Furqan Welfare Organization where they provide free education to children in marginalized households. Charity Right provides lunch in two such schools in Sabzi Mandi and Gulistan E Johar. These students enjoy boxed food at lunchtime which encourages them to become regular.