What is a Bandsaw used for?

If you have seen a sawmill, then you should know about bandsaw. According to bandsaw definition, it is a scaled-down version of the lumbermill. There are so many tasks that you can perform with this tool. According to experts, the bandsaw is the best tool to craft the wood. Here is a short description for what is a bandsaw used for?

What are the uses of a bandsaw?

For understanding the uses of the bandsaw, it is important to recognize the design of this tool. It comes with two wheels which are attached on both upper and lower region. The wheel helps in continually turning the blade band. That is how the tool got its name in the first place.

The blade of bandsaw moves continually in one direction as compared to scroll saws and jigsaws. The design also minimizes the vibration.

Steps for Using a BandSaw

Here are the uses of the bandsaw for beginners:

Cutting wood in curves and circles

The bandsaw machine is commonly used for the purpose mentioned above. When cutting in curve or circle, bandsaw offers better grip than a jigsaw. Both hands are used in the cutting procedure by directing stock to the blade.

Crafting Veneer

The procedure is used to make wood grain patterns. The craftsman can cut the wood into very thin slices using a bandsaw. Veneers are usually are used as ornaments on the doors, tabletops, and closets.

Cutting meat

This use is not linked with woodworking at all. Not all bandsaw performs meat cutting job; however, there is only a specific kind for the purpose. The bandsaw is usually found in slaughterhouses and is used to cut bones as these are the hard parts in the.

Cutting metal

The tools are also used to cut metals effectively. As the metal is thicker than wood, it is advised not to use thick metal sheets. Besides, that use appropriate metal cutting blade too for cutting the metal sheet.


It is one of the popular uses of the bandsaw for sale. In the process, the tool cuts the cutting boards on their thicker side into two with book matched inner side. Furthermore, the two cut sides can be used to produce a mirror effect on the doors of cabinets.

Making the rip cuts

By using a blade with few large teeth and wide area, you can make rip cut effects on thick stacks and wooden boards. With the technique, you can reset the edges of the crooked boards and cut them into the desired size.

Final word

A bandsaw is a tool with a long sharp blade possessing bands of metals used to cut hard object. The tool is especially used for woodwork. In this article we have answered a commonly asked question, what is a bandsaw used for? There are a variety of tasks that bandsaw can accomplish, including cutting metals and meat too. Check out our complete buying guide and review of top 10 bandsaws.

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