Wen 3959 2.5 Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw Reviews 2020

WEN 3959 2.5 Amp- 9 Benchtop band saw has its name in furniture making, woodworking, and masonry industry. It has a long ribbon-like blade that is thin and precise in its functions. The tool is perfect for professionals as its functionalities are a bit hard to handle by beginners. This article will review the product thoroughly regarding its specifications, pros and cons, and price range.

What is a WEN benchtop bandsaw?

A benchtop bandsaw is used to resize materials like wood or metals. The type of bandsaw cuts in such a way that the resulting bits with a smoother finish. The tool usually cuts the wood width-wise, resulting in a much thinner piece.


The bandsaw has been popular among the artisans for its fast cutting feature. The tool can cut 3-1/2 inches deep and 9 inches wide material. The product’s motor is high powered running on 2.5 Ampere; it makes 2500 rotation per minute. The resawing capacity of the Band saw is also worth mentioning. The aluminum table of the Band saw is measured to be about 12-1/4 by 11-7/8 inches dimension. Users can tilt the table to 45 degrees according to their work. The product prevents the tilting and slipping mechanism via a pinion system and a sturdy steel rack. According to the WEN bandsaw review, of products’ dust port is measured to be about 2-1/2 inches. The miter gauge and fence enable the users to make straight cuts in the lumber.


Here are the features of the lesser than 10 inch Band saw product:

  • The throat size of the tool is about 9 inches.
  • The Blade length of the tool is 59-1/2 inches.
  • The Width of the Blade is measured to be about 1/8 to 3/8 inches.
  • The Weight of the WEN Band saw is about 40 pounds.
  • The Dimension of the Product is about 19 by 14.1 by 29 inches.
  • This Band Saw comes with a rip fencing for utmost precision.

Warranty and price range of WEN 2.5 AMP 3959

The product comes with two years of warranty. In the period, the user can contact the company and get a brand-new product. The price range of the band saw is very pocket friendly. You can purchase the Band saw for just $128. The price may slightly vary in some online resources.

What have we liked about the band saw?

  • The best thing about the band saw is that the assembly of the product is straightforward.
  • It takes a few minutes to get the job done.
  • The machine can make precise cuts that are deeper than many other bandsaws in the market
  • The motor of the band saw is powerful
  • The machine does not make any noise when in operation.
  • The Band Saw is highly affordable when compared with other tools.
  • The manufacturer provides two years of claimable warranty.

What don't we like about the WEN bandsaw?

  • The miter gauge of the band saw is not sturdy and might break with slight pressure.
  • The Band saw is not capable of performing well for heavy-duty tasks.
  • The motor of the Band saw runs only at one speed.
  • Some users have complained that the blade of the Band saw tends to fall off sometimes.

  • Is WEN Bandsaw any good?

    Yes, the bandsaw is the perfect model for making precise deeper cuts. WEN is famous in the marketplace for making cheap tools with extended shelf life. The discussed device has a great list of pros, yet there are few cons that one must keep in mind before purchasing the Band saw.

    What determines the size of a bandsaw?

    To determine the size of the Band saw, the user must measure the exact distance from the throat to the blade. The determination of the size can never be measured by the size of the lumber that it cuts.

    Do we recommend the product?

    Yes, as per our experience, the product has shown exceptional results. The most significant plus point of the work was its price range. The powerful motor of the tool performs the job in seconds and gives off the perfect resized bits.


    The marketplace is filled with a great variety of band saws. That is why it gets difficult for the artisans to select the tool. Here, we have discussed a device known as WEN 3959 2.5 AMP 9-inch Benchtop Band saw. The band saw is comparatively cheaper and can cut materials as deep as 3-1/2 inches. The bands can cut a wide variety of materials effectively. The manufacturer offers two years of extended warranty so that the artisan could replace the product anytime they want.

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