Should I buy a Band Saw or a Table Saw

Though both Tables saw and bandsaw’s design looks very similar, they, for sure, serve different purposes. Both devices are considerably expensive, leading to a repeatedly asked question by the woodworkers; should I buy a band saw or a table saw?

A band saw is an electrically-powered saw that uses a thin straight blade to cut almost any shape you can imagine. It allows for curved-shaped cuts as well as straight and angular cuts. You can use your band saw as a versatile cutting tool to saw intricate cuts in a range of material types.

Band saws and table saws are two different applications. Although they both cut wood,comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. They both do different things better. But in the home from the shops where the cost the main concern, the question is one of efficiency, the use and the nature of the work is done.

What is a bandsaw?

This type of power saw is very popular among the woodworkers. If you wonder what can you do with a band saw, then here is your answer, the machine can cut a wide variety of materials. From lumber to plastic, the thin blades can cut materials consisting of various thicknesses. Two wheels operate the band saw.

What are the advantages of the band saw?

Here are all the perks associated with the bandsaw:

  • The device can make precise straight cuts
  • The band saw does not require a lot of floor space
  • The cutting force is not directed toward the woodworkers
  • The band saw is excellent for rough cutting of material before planning
  • It has a large variety of blades
  • The blade replacement of bandsaw is not expensive
  • It is safer than table saw.

What are the disadvantages of using a band saw?

The following are some of the negative aspects of the device:

  • Table saw cuts have better finishing than the band saw's amounts.
  • Sometimes, the blade of the band saw tends to wander on the side while making a straight cut.
  • The procedure of blade changing is slow
  • The repeat cuts are finer than that of the band saw.

  • What is Table saw?

    The most powerful power saw that every woodworker, regardless of the nature of their job, must possess. The device allows the user to make precise rip cuts as well as crosscuts. The modern-day Table saw also enables the users to make beveling cuts. Though the Table saw is a multi-functional tool, it only allows cutting wood logs, unlike Table saw. Another issue is safety; the blade is extremely fine and might lead to a dangerous accident if it does not handle rightly.

    What are the reasons to buy a table saw?

    Here are some of the advantages that the tool may offer its users:

  • The blades of the band saw can easily be reshaped and re-tensioned.
  • The user can easily change the band saw blade on their own.
  • You can make straight cuts via bandsaw
  • It is good for compound cuts
  • The cutting that is done using bandsaw is extremely precise.

  • What are the disadvantages of a table saw?

  • It cannot cut the lumber into a curve
  • The depth of blade cutting is limited
  • The machine takes a large floor space
  • It is dangerous than the bandsaw.

  • Should I get a band saw or table saw?

    Both devices have their functionalities, and they perform different jobs. If your job requires straighter rip or crosscuts, then we would recommend you buying the Table saw. Meanwhile, if you are searching or a power saw with good finesse for making curve cuts, then go for a band saw.

    Final words

    If you are wondering, should I buy a band saw or a table saw? Then this the place where you get your answer. Table saw are famous for making rip and crosscuts, whereas the band saw can cut various materials into a curve shape. Both tools have different functions along with the thickness of the blade.

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