HRD at SPO plays a vital role in strategic alignment of SPOs Vision and Mission; it renders its diversified services for organizational development and reforms through effective SOPs and TORs, strategic recruitment, capacity building training programs and efficient planning. These services are tailored according to the specific requirements of our clients/donors and by taking into consideration the respective resources and capacities.


HRD at SPO encompasses the following;

• Transparent HR Selection
• Quality Talent Community
• Staff Motivation
• Staff Retention
• Knowledge Management with main focus on implicit and explicit Knowledge
• Diversified and effective resource allocation
• Incisive optimal management reporting
• Planning, forecasting for quality team building
• Formulating HR Policies/Procedures
• Training & Development and Performance Management
• Staff orientations and refreshers


• Following are the significant HR roles; for even execution of office functions.
• Workforce Planning and Employment
• Eminent, timely recruitment and selection through fair process has always been strength at SPO.
• Human Resource Development
• Staff Trainings, KPIs & Succession Planning is an integral part; as SPO considers its employees as an asset
• Rewards Management
• Due care to staff compensation is given to SPO staff. It consists of payroll and benefits including Provident Fund, EOBI and Life/Health Insurance
• Employee and Employer Relations
• Regrets & Conflict Management and Disciplinary Action Notices in lieu of the instances is dealt proactively
• Policy Formulation and Compliance (HR policies, HR manual, SOPs and TORs)
• HRD amongst other policies has distinguished fully functional policies including; Anti-Harassment Policy, Grievance Settlement Policy, SPO Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Zero Tolerance Policy, Anti-fraud & Bribery Policy
• Risk Management
• Mitigation of risk in lieu of staff turnover, productivity & embezzlement is one of the staple activities

Journey of being Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

To safeguard the underlying interest of SPO, HRD is committed as a strategic partner for sustainable development, growth and improvement for the long term betterment and progress of all stakeholders. Towards this end, HRD prides itself for delivery of its all-time high support to associated departments and employees through guidance, coaching, advice and consultative processes. HRD is in transition stage of its service delivery; molding according to the new thematic, practicable and prospective SHRM.

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