DeWalt DW3982 Portable Band Saw Blade Review 2020

A band saw holds great importance in the world of woodworking. Different tasks done by band saw requires a different blade kind. Here we will review the DeWalt DW3982 Portable Band Saw blade. A blade that efficiently resizes even the thickest of logs in seconds without putting too much effort. If you are affiliated with the woodwork or metal sizing industry, then via this review, you will get crucial insights on the product before going for the purchase.


The blades are formally known as DEWALT DW3982 .020-by-44-7/8-INCH TPI in the online marketplace. Due to its sharpness, the blade is mostly preferred to cut metal material. The steel edges of the DEWALT blade features Matrix 2 material, which is a heat and wear-resistant feature. It also features RC 65-67 metal that doesn’t let the blade wear for a longer time.

The blades possess about eight percent cobalt, which offers the utmost strength to the band saw, meaning the tool can cut even the most rigid metals in a blink of an eye. The blades are the best for both DIYers and professionals due to its versatile nature of work.

Specification of the Blade

  • Matrix 2 High-Speed Steel Edges for Heat and Wear Resistance.
  • It possesses RC 65-67 Tooth Hardness for additional resistance against wearing out.
  • The blade contains Alloy Steel Backer for resistance against fatigue.
  • The blade possesses eight percent cobalt that adds up to durability.
  • It has 0.02 inches of thickness.
  • Per inch, it has 14 teeth.
  • The length of the blade is measured to be about 44 7/8 inches.
  • The blade is known for its high durability. The cobalt-containing structure cuts through deeply a variety of metals and wood types.
  • It does not wear off quickly.
  • It is heat resistant.
  • The DeWalt band saw blade is budget-friendly when compared with other edges in the market.
  • It comes with an extensive warranty.
  • The blades tend to cut some metals slower than the others.
  • Some users complained that the product is susceptible to fatigue in the form of breakage and cracking.
  • If the incorrect teeth are selected, the blade can damage the band saw in the form of breakage.

What is the best band saw blade?

A band saw tool relies solely on its blade size and type for cutting material with more thickness and user blades with 2 or 3 TPI. For serving the purpose of general wood cutting, use ¾ inches blade. Usually, 4 TPI blade is used for coarse cutting. The artisans use 14 TPI for smoother and sower material cutting. When it comes to general-purpose cutting, the woodworker uses 6 to 8 TPI.

What is the difference between the band saw blades?

This question plays a vital role for the workers who are looking for the correct band saw blade. There ate three kinds of the band saw blade teeth in the market such as:


The teeth of such blades are widely spaced have shallow gullets. The skip blade’s rake is at 0 degrees, whereas the teeth are angled at 90 degrees. The angle tooth cuts the material such as wood into precise chips. The skip blades are known in the marketplace for versatile functionality. The band saw edge is excellent for materials such as softwood, nonferrous materials, or plastic. Such materials tend to gum up the band saw.


Such blades have larger teeth with deep gullets. The teeth are spaced widely on the surface. The rake angle of the blades is at 10 degrees. The band saw with such blades to make faster and deeper cuts on materials like plastic, har wood, thick wooden logs, and metals. The rake angle and deeper gullets help the worker move the cut material out of the tool’s way.


These are the most common form of blades you can find in the market these days. The teeth of the blade are straight distributed evenly on the surface. The rake of such a bandsaw blade is at 0 degrees. These are used for general purpose cutting work. The workers perform contour or cutoff sawing on thin materials via such band saw blades.


The DeWalt DW3982 portable band saw blade are infamous for its precise metal cutting abilities. The edges are sturdier than many other bandsaw blades in the industry. In a budget-friendly price range, the product comes with wear and heat resistance. The sturdy blades also possess 8 percent cobalt giving it an extra edge on the contenders. The DeWalt blade is about 44 by 7/8 inches in measurement and ideal for metal and woodcutting.

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